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Environmentally friendaly materials that will be good to

your health.

Elegant and fashionable style, easy to match any nail


Very easy to use, suitable for Professional Salon and Home


Help you creat your own nail art for a few mintues.

Suitable for any occasions: wedding, party, holiday, gift

and so soon.

How to use the false nail tips:

1.First, manicure and polish your nails

2.Paint the glue to the back of fake nail tip or stick on

 your nails double-side stickers.

3.Move the nail tip from nail front and press it for 10

 seconds till the tip is stick to nail

4.Cut the tip to the length that you need, then polish the

edge of nail tip


Item Type: Fake Nail

Type: Full nail

Application: Finger

Color:Gradient Color

Surface: Smooth

Material: Acrylic

Size: Normal specifications

Package Included: 
24pcs*Fake Nails + 2g Glue 

24Pcs Glossy Gradient Oval Acrylic False

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